Atwater Block Brewery


Atwater Brewery is Detroit’s craft brewery.

We were born here in 1997. We’ve been here through good times and bad. We’ve seen our city at its best and its worst. We’ve seen it stumble and rise again. And we’re here now to lift a glass to Detroit’s renaissance and resurgence.

Atwater was founded in the Rivertown neighborhood when its streets were pocked with potholes and lined with abandoned warehouses and the only people around were the ones high on their dreams or down on their luck. We helped build this place up.

Founded with a philosophy that hard work deserves a quality beer, Atwater is a Michigan craft beer pioneer. Our beers pay tribute to the spirit of Detroit, the grit that built this city, the attitude that something is earned not given, that nobody else decides when you’re done.

Our portfolio of award-winning craft beers offers something for everyone. We believe that beer should be approachable to every drinker. Whether it’s a crowd favorite like Dirty Blonde or Vanilla Java Porter, a Midwestern winner like Atwater IPA or a Detroit classic like Atwater Lager or Detroit City Juice Hazy IPA, you’ll find a beer for every occasion and every palate.

You can find our beers at fine establishments across Detroit and Michigan. Or we’d love to see you in person at our three taprooms in Detroit’s Rivertown neighborhood, in Grosse Pointe Park and Grand Rapids.

Let’s raise a glass together. To you. To us. To Detroit.



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