ABV 5%    |    IBU: 49
STYLE: Pale Ale
COLOR: Golden

This American Pale Ale is a respectful re-connection to the first beers released at the beginning of the craft beer renaissance in the United States. Moderate in body with the crisp piney finish of American hops. Relive the style that changed everything.

American Pale Ales are cleaner, brighter more hoppy versions of the buttery English Classic. In a world of over-hopped beer, balance is the lost art in the style. These can vary widely from deep golden to rich amber.

Inspiration behind artwork: The label to stays true to the Rivertown district where Atwater Brewery was founded and is still located to this day. This character has a 20’s feel of what the Rivertown was at that time, booming, busy and factories all along the riverfront. The background of this label you can see an old building that still stands today with its water tower on top. The water tower is a land mark for people that are familiar with this district.